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Our Services/Process

Goldberg Design Group, Inc. (GDG) offers you superior, concierge services from beginning to end. We can begin the home design process with you as early as site selection to help you avoid the pitfalls of purchasing a lot that may not fit the house of your dreams, or that may have costly construction issues. Then, after an interview process to discern all of your dreams, ideas, requirements, and budgets, we will prepare a preliminary home design that will amaze you in its completeness and comprehensiveness.  After revisions, we will continue with you through final construction drawings that are clear and accurate with the use of computer-aided design. At this juncture, you may also have GDG assist in the contractor selection and bidding process to ensure you are receiving the best value proposition for your project - a quality builder at a reasonable price, and that the bids are inclusive of all required work.  Goldberg Design Group is also available for continuing services during construction in both Interior Design and Construction Observation and Consultation to help you ensure the design is wrought in its most ultimate and elegant form.

Our Process:

It is important to understand that not all of our competition brings all of this to fruition under one roof.  In fact, many of the other delivery methods of design (see "Why Hire GDG") do not work in this fashion and things tend to get lost in translation between the different parties working on your home design.                                                                                                                                                                          

Now accepting commissions throughout the U.S.  Call to set up an appointment or phone interview at (317) 582-1430.

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